Join Our Virtual Camp or Pre-School Fair

Starting in Fall of 2015 we began offering an online, virtual Summer Camp and Pre-School Fair.  Any camp or school that is open to Ridgefield residents may join this directory by completing the form below.

Benefits of Joining

Ridgefield Newcomers Club is open to all residents of Ridgefield, CT and our website attracks a large stream of visitors looking for information about everything Ridgefield! Many of our members are, as our name states, newcomers to Ridgefield  and have relocated to our area knowing how wonderful a community it is in which to raise kids.  Thus, we have decided to create an online resource for our members to find out about all the wonderful options for camps and pre-schools in and around Ridgefield.

By joining our virtual fairs you will have direct exposure to all our members plus we will be promoting this part of our website to the general public via various outlets around town in order to become the destination of choice for all Ridgefield parents looking for camps and pre-schools for their children.

For questions, please contact

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Powered by Wild Apricot Membership Software